What is the Longest Animal in the World?

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Bootlace Worm

Bootlace Worm (Lineus Longissimus)

It was not bluewhale or anaconda which is the longest animal in the world. But the longest animal in the world is a worm. This is a bootlace worm (Lineus Longissimus). Its length can reach 60 meters (200 ft), which is longer than an adult blue whale.   The diameter of the worm’s body is only 5 to 10 millimeters.

Bootlace worm, known also as ribbon worms, are classified into phylum Nemertea. This worm is commonly found from Iceland eastwards to the Atlantic and North Sea coasts of Europe. This worm has body color varies from dark brown to blackish color. Their habitat to live is under the rocks above the sandy beach.

Unlike the earthworm, bootlace worm is nonsegmented worm.  Its blood circulation is moved by its muscle because bootlace worm does not have a heart to pump the blood.  Bootlace worm is a single sex worm, means that every bootlace can lay eggs and fertilize them by itself.  Bootlace is able to reproduce by another way, it can break their body apart and each part will regenerate a  bootlace individu.  Bootlace could break apart its body very easy, because it is very fragile.

Ribbon Worms
Bootlace worm, known also as ribbon worms
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Actually, there are two types of bootlace worm.  One type has armed proboscis (proboscis is a tube they use to get prey, defence and burrowing into ground) and another type has unarmed proboscis.  Every proboscis could release toxins to their prey and get the prey to them.  Bootlace is differ from other worms, they are carnivorous, bootlace eat for other invertebrates, such as crustaceans, moluscs and sometimes they eat algae.  To get its prey, bootlace worm can use its proboscis or wrapping its body around the prey.
They move during the nights.  They mostly spend the days by hiding from the sun, beneath rocks, corals or even leaves.

It is obviously, this worm has a flexible body, these worms can increase the body length. So, if you find this worm with a body length of 60 meters, that means the body length of these worms can be much longer than that, if he stretched. Bootlace worm is difficult to pick up, because it will exude large amounts of mucus when handled, which has a faint pungent smell.

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