Spontaneous Human Combustion, is it fact or myth?

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Spontaneous Human Combustion, is it fact or myth?

Several days ago I found a term which really confused me. SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion), but the explanation given were not satisfied me.

- Actually, what is SHC?
- Why it can happen to us?
- Is there any single proof or it is just a myth to scare us?

The article below will give an explanation, what is Spontaneous Human Combustion


  1. SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion) is a phenomenon which really happened to human where this phenomenon will make the human body be able to be burnt and die.
  2.  The cause of SHC is still in investigation, and it is still having “Un-Explained Science” status.
  3. SHC isn’t a myth, SHC really happened.

A. The Anna Martin Case

Spontaneous Human CombustionMay 18, 1857, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. A 68 years old lady name Anna Martin was founded by her son, Samuel, in her room with a condition where her waist to her head was burnt at all. Samuel who worked as a fireman predicted (from the combustion ash) that the temperature which caused her mom killed was 2000⁰C, and there was a little strangeness there, there was a newspaper which were 30 cm from her mom body, but it didn’t burn at all.

B. The Grace Pett Case

April 9, 1744, Ipswith (Great Britain), 60 years old lady name Grace Pett was playing with her son. Suddenly her body was burnt in front of her son. Her son said like this, “… Mommy was suddenly burnt like a logs burnt by fire! But her clothes weren’t burnt …”

C. The Jack Angel Case

A clothes salesman in Savannah (USA) ever felt the SHC phenomenon. But he didn’t die. Someday, after he came home from working, he entered a apartment room and soon fell asleep because he felt really tired. He woke up 4 days later, and he noticed that his body was burnt, but he didn’t felt any pain from the burns in his body, and nothing around his bed was burnt. Felt that everything was happened as usual, Jack kept doing his routine activities as usual. Took a bath, dressing, and went to work. But when he reached the lobby, he collapsed, and woke up in a hospital. The doctors who handled him couldn’t explain from where he got the burns, but the doctor noticed that his (Jack Angel’s) muscle was all burnt and his hand should be amputated. The police who checked the apartment didn’t find something that could be a fire source in his room.

Based on the investigation, all the SHC’s victims are drunkard, but nothing could give a clear explanation. The biology and the forensic expert also didn’t find any strange in the victim bodies. They didn’t find any possibilities that the victim had hereditary diseases that could cause the body’s temperature could increase dramatically and burned their bodies. Especially, the forensic team also couldn’t find any fire source around the location where the victim burnt.

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