How Many Bacteria Contained in Washcloths and Spongebob?

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spongebob and washcloths

Sponge and Washcloths how dirty both of them?

Washcloths and spongebob (sponge for washing) are daily items in every house. Toilet basin is considered as the dirtiest item in household and a lot of people have realized this fact and put attention on it by doing daily cleaning using good quality disinfectant agents. You want to keep it that way after you get following shocking fact that  washcloths and spongebob are hundred thousand times dirtier than closet !

Chuck Gerba, who is a professor at Arizona Microbiological University, would have to say these facts:

  • Toilet contains 50 bacteria per square inch.
  • Cutting board contains 10,000 bacteria per square inch. Special note on this item is that it could be much more than 10,000 bacteria per square inch. Why is that? Because you never know whether or not the meat you are chopping on its surface is bacteria free? Internal organs of the animal digestion system might contain extra large amount of bacteria that may settle on cutting board surface. You see it is quite difficult to clean the cutting board surface because there is normally a lot of a scratch from the knives struck. Those grooves are the best place for microbiological creature to breed.
  • Washcloth contains 1,000,000 bacteria per square inch.
  • Spongebob contains 10,000,000 bacteria per square inch.

What other daily items that are considered as dirty ?

  • Your telephone set and mobile phone! They are considered to contain some 20,000 bacteria per square inch. As soon as you read this then you want to clean them on daily basis. Medical alcohol would be the most ideal disinfectant agent to be used.
  • Shopping bag and trolley. You do not want to know how much bacteria per square inch on their surfaces. Not to mention the fungus and mold. They are not any cleaner than washcloth or spongebob as sorry to say the fact is most supermarket owner put less care on them. Have you ever seen those items are being washed thoroughly or being cleaned using disinfectants? I would bet none of us have.

Our body defense system is quite sophisticated so we do not have to worry too much about those bacteria and yet somehow you want to put extra attention to your health after you are in contact with those items. The simplest and most effective way to prevent infection is by washing your hands and fingers thoroughly afterwards. Of course to replace washcloth with tissue paper and to change spongebob with a new one in shorter interval would be a bigger advantage to you.

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