How Big is the Giant Squid You Have Ever Known?

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Real Giant Squid

Giant squid caught by Japanese fishing boats

How big is the squid you have ever known ? A giant squid was found living in the waters of Japan located in the Pacific Ocean. The squid which is of about 27 feet long was caught on camera for the documentation of local scientists who were working on the spot on 07 Jan 2013. Similar impressive documentation was created by the National Science Museum of Japan in collaboration with Japanese television, NHK and Discovery Channel from the United States (U.S.). That documentation is devoted to the underwater creatures living in the deep waters that are sometimes not affordable. To record good quality pictures and videos from deep waters you want to use proper equipments which in this case are never of cheap prices.

Giant Squid

Giant squid preserved

There has been a long debate even between oceanologists about the presence of this gigantic squid which was believed to swim at some 3000 feet deep down the sea. This one is hoped to end the debate because there are responsible scientists who were on the ship while the picture was taken. The debate is getting hotter because the previous claim was about a some 10 feet long squid which was pictured at some 2000 feet deep. Some people would doubt about the cam accuracy and this is something you want to get rid at the first chance. There should be nothing wrong with such high tech cam equipments which the scientists used to bring and use on their expeditions.

Giant Squid

Giant squid was in autopsy

The squid was found at the scene about 15 miles East Chichi island, next to the territory of the North Pacific Ocean. A researcher from the museum, Tsunemi Kubodera said, they should continue to follow the giant animals up close to the bottom of the sea. It is silver color with large black eyes and was swimming against the current. To Kubodera, these findings are the culmination of a long search all this time. “Very bright and very beautiful. I was really excited when I saw it, I am confident we will succeed because we have been conducting research in the region, and is based on previous data,” said Kubodera . According to him, this squid loses two of its longest tentacles. In 2006, Kubodera existence ever filmed a giant squid, which unfortunately only of the ship. The squid was lured up to the surface and then brought to the boat. This documentation is the first time managed to capture a giant squid in its own habitat. Giant squid or so-called “Architeuthis” by scientists, is often described as one of the most mysterious creatures in the ocean. Scientists say, Architeuthis survive by preying other squid species such as grenadier fish that only lives in the deep ocean. This species can grow to reach the stated size of 300 feet.

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